Home Remedies for Five Common Health Problems

When we are healthy we usually take medicine. However, various home remedies have been used since ancient times to cure various problems. If the condition is bad then you have to go to the doctor, but before that, you can follow some home remedies to cure various problems.

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1. Bad Breath

To reduce bad breath, mix a few pinches of cinnamon powder and a few drops of honey in warm water. Gargle with this water for three minutes.

2. To increase immunity

Drink green tea with a pinch of cinnamon powder and two drops of honey to start your day. It will prevent the infection of viruses and bacteria.

3. Cholesterol

Drink a cup of green tea mixed with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Experts say that it reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

4. Reduce high blood pressure

Soak a handful of peanuts overnight. Next day peel it and make a paste. Mix this paste in a cup of milk and boil it. After that drink the mixture.

5. Sore Throat

Mix half a teaspoon of pepper powder, a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of ginger powder in 350 ml of water. Take it in the morning and afternoon if you have a sore throat.

Nadira Afroznadira
Content Writer