How to Bypass Code Generator on Facebook?

Facebook authentication code is a very important thing for people who have activated the two-factor verification login feature for their Facebook accounts. However, if you ever lose access to the code generator on Facebook then, it can be very difficult for people to access their Facebook accounts. If you are also facing the same issue and have lost access to your Facebook code generator then, you do not need to worry as here we are going to tell you how do I bypass the code generator on facebook

What is the Location of the Facebook Code Generator?

Before we tell you how you can use a different method to access your Facebook account without the code generator, it is also very significant to know where is code generator on Facebook. The code generator is present in your Facebook account and it is activated when you log into your account. You need to receive the code sent by the Facebook code generator to access your account however if you are not able to access the code generator then, you simply need to read the next part of the guide to know about the same. 

How Can You Receive a Facebook Authentication Code Without the Facebook Code Generator?

If you see that the Facebook code generator not working then, there are some other methods too that you can use to ensure that you get the verification code required to access your Facebook account on a new device. 

  1. Verification code via text 

If you are not able to access the authentication code with the help of the code generator then, you just need to use the mobile number that you have linked to your Facebook account. You can request Facebook to send the verification code to your mobile number via text so that you can successfully complete the login process. 

  1. Use an authenticator application 

There are different authenticator applications present on the internet that you can use. The best code authenticator applications that you can use our Duo and Google Authenticator. These applications generate new codes every minute and that is why you can simply use the applications without any issue to get the facebook login code. 

  1. Use the backup recovery codes 

You also use the backup recovery codes that are saved in your Facebook account for a moment like these so if you ever face issues with the code generator then, you just need to use the recovery codes saved in your account.